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Lohnsteuer-Beratung Berlin LBB e. V. 

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Find us - click on the picture!

Find us - click on the picture!

Who we are?

The LBB e. V. is a tax advising association for employees. We advise a lot of international members so feel free to contact us if you need advice for your tax return / tax declaration, choosing tax classes, checking your receipt or filing an appeal.

How much does it cost?

As we are a registered association, an annual membership fee will be required which depends on your income. However, 70% of our members pay 100€ or 130€ per year. In addition, an administrative fee of 10€ is due when you join. The regulations concerning the fees can be found here. The membership fee covers the cost of all of our services. 

You will be asked to transfer the membership fee to our bank account after your first appointment. In subsequent years you will be required to transfer the fee at the beginning of the year. 

Gross Income € Wage per Month in € Membership Fee in € (per year)
0 -36.000 3.000 100
36.001 – 60.000 5.000 130
60.001 – 84.000 7.000 160
84.001 – 108.000 9.000 200
108.001 – 144.000 12.000 250
144.001 – 192.000 16.000 310
from 192.001 unlimited 380

What can we do for you?

Tax declaration together

Together to Your Perfect Tax Declaration

Most of our clients want to get help with their STEUERERKLÄRUNG (tax return). But we can do more: We take care of your tax declaration, check the results and file appeals if necessary. Thus, you do not need to have any direct communication with the tax office (Finanzamt) anymore. 

I do not live in Germany (anymore) but let an apartment/house here. Can you help me?

If you let property in Germany, you have to declare this income. We can advise you if every owner of the property is a member in our association. 

What else do I have to know?

As an association we are not allowed to advise freelancers or companies. Please note that you will remain a member until you terminate your membership. Should you not have canceled your membership by the end of the year, you will be obliged to pay for the coming year irrespective of whether or not you make use of our services. 

When do I have to send the tax declaration to the tax office?

Please notice that our members do not have to finish the tax declaration by 31st of May but 31st of December.

What is the next step?

Please give us a call to make an appointment. We will inform you which documents you should bring to the face-to-face meeting at our office in Berlin Kreuzberg.